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Additional Equipment

Apart from the standard designs, KÖRA-PACKMAT feeders can be fitted with certain additional equipment.

Vertical Design Outfeed Extension

For the vertical feeding of products, in particular products that have to be feed upright.

Suction Feeder Design

Product guidance by suction. Readily accessible for integrating identification or monitoring systems.

Tandem, Triple and Quintuple Magazines

For a high degree of magazine loading directly on the feeder. Plug-in change magazines. Processing order is programmable. Magazine change via linear unit.

Autoloader Conveyor

Sheet-by-sheet placing of the products on the feed belt and deposition of the products in the feeder magazine. Designs in various lengths.

Autoloader Conveyor Equipped w/ 2 or 4 Vertical Magazines

For a high degree of magazine loading with products. Automatic change to another magazine as soon as the level drops below the minimum. Magazine refilling by hand. Feeding takes places to the feeder magazine.

Further Components Available

  • Outfeed extension
  • Start light barrier
  • Counting module
  • Buffer rake for intermediate storage of counted piles
  • Doubl-sheet control (mechanical, optical and ultrasound)
  • Scoring machine for greeting cards
  • Conveyor units
  • Magazining
  • Piling magazines
  • Inclined belts, etc.

Special magazines for friction feeders

As the expert for feeding and collating systems, Köra-Packmat develops constantly new feeder options that are in accordance with customers’ specific requirements.

Here are some examples of special magazines we realized for different projects:

Fan-magazine: perfect for the stacking and separation of products that are folded or boosted on one side like brochures, cartons, folded leaflets.

Newsletter Magazines