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Feeding and Identification Units

Feeding / Identification Unit

Feeding and identification of packaging products such as cut folded boxes or various flat products.

Integration of different components such as:

  • Labeling units
  • Ink-Jet systems
  • Barcode readers
  • Print recognition, etc.

Feeding and Marking Unit – SKE

This system dispenses and marks packaging flat products such as carton blanks.

Different marking units - labelers, ink jets, thermal transfer printers, etc. - can be integrated into the system.

Newsletter Feeding & Marking System Inkjet

Feeding & Labeling Unit Brochure

Feeding and Affixing Unit – SVE

Built for precise positioning and gluing of flat products, such as CDs or samples, onto carriers such as journals or leaflets.

A larger Feeding and Affixing Unit can place two or more different products accurately onto a single carrier.

Feeding & Affixing Unit Brochure

Feeding and Verification Unit – SPE

This system checks, on the fly, every product at full production speed.

Depending on the requirements, a barcode scanner or a vision system can be integrated into the system to check either the correct positioning of a barcode on a product or the correct collation of several products.

Detected rejects are routed through a reject gate.