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CardSeal 2

High-speed film wrapping line for ISO-card formats

You can achieve all your requirements.

  • High speed up to 500 cards/minute
  • Tight packs give excellent appearance
  • Security seam guarantees maximum protection against fraud
  • Insertion of leaflet
  • Now equipped with our new film saving function which is unique in film wrapping machines. This leads to savings in material cost of up to 18%. As a result, the CardSeal 2 is the card wrapping machine with the lowest possible material consumption in the market.
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Technical data
Format range: - 85 x 54 mm (ISO Format)
Performance: - up to 500 cycles /minute
Packing height: - max. 1.6 mm (card + insert)
Film material: - CPP, BOPP or PP
Film thickness: - 35 µm

Design and characteristic features

  • Fast and accurate processing of the products
  • Tamper evident package
  • 4-side ultrasonic sealing method (no thermal sealing)
  • Single packs and linked chains
  • Modern machine design
  • Inline product feeding by KÖRA-PACKMAT feeders
  • Working area is readily accessible as guard doors open upwards
  • Process can be viewed from all sides
  • Machine is completely encapsulated
  • Operating buttons integrated into the machine enclosure are easily accessible


  • Customized security seam
  • Additional station for insertion of leaflet
  • Various stacking unit
  • Easy opening perforation with perforated wheel (no additional cost for adhesive strip)
  • Film folding module
  • Integration of KÖRA_PACKMAT or other visual inspection systems
  • Inline connection to overwrapping systems (loose or tight bag / Band)